Friday Letters!! Today’s Recipients Include Peas, South Bay DinDinAGoGo, and Enfamil!

Letters from New Momma BeckersDear Guy (or Gal) Tweeting as C.S. Lewis,

Thank you for filling my mornings with wisdom and joy!  Keep doing what you do!  

Dear South Bay DinDinAGoGo,

How do I love thee?  With my stomach!  You’re the best!  I’ve been introduced to so many wonderful food trucks I wouldn’t have known about without you!  What would I have ever done without kalua pork tacos in my life?   🙂

Dear Enfamil,

Although breast milk is best, many women like me can’t produce milk for one reason or another, and your product fills my son with the nutrients he needs to grow strong and healthy.  Thank you.  It means a lot to me.

Dear Peas,

I’m sorry my son doesn’t like you very much.  But you should thank Bananas when you get a chance – when I mix you two together, Troy likes you just fine.  Sounds weird to me too, but he digs it!


Thank you for being the Yelp for books!  Owly gets 5 stars!!  🙂

Dear Crafted,

Thanks for throwing an awesome party tonight!!  I have been looking forward to it all week, and I can’t wait to get my craft on!!  😀  

New Momma Beckers


Saturday #27 – Date Night at Eat See Hear!!

"Max and the Moon" in San Pedro
Max and the Moon playing against the massive projection screen!

Part of being a good parent is knowing when you need some alone time, and last Saturday, my husband and I were due for a night out!  We wanted to find something romantic to do together, so when we heard about Eat See Hear, we knew we had to check it out!  We called Chris’s parents, and once they arrived and Troy got settled, we were off!!

The night began with live music, courtesy of indie band Max and the Moon!  They have a wonderful sound – I highly recommend checking out their website and hearing it for yourself!

Food from the After School Special Truck
Our tasty smorgasbord from the “After School Special” truck!!!

After the music, we perused the various food trucks that had attended and ultimately landed on After School Special.  They had many tasty offerings to choose from, and we eventually decided on sharing a variety of small dishes!  We ordered a Mac N’ Cheese Cupcake (seriously!), a PB&J Crunch, and a Chocolate Chip Cookie with Sea Salt!

The Mac N’ Cheese Cupcake sounded a little strange to me, but I am really glad we got it – it was incredible!  The cookie, by the way, was exactly what I expected it to be – delicious!!

PerKup Truck
Mmmm… caffeine  🙂

The movie was set to start at sundown, but I was starting to drop at 8 p.m. (a consequence of motherhood and entering my 30’s), so I was happy to find that one of the trucks that attended was PerKup – an excellent coffee truck!  I was tempted to get an affogato (gelato and espresso – and yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds), but I had already had my sugary dessert for the night, so I ordered a yummy latte instead. 

I got back to our patch of grass just in time for “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” to start!  I haven’t seen it in years, and as my husband and I cuddled together on our patch of grass, our childhood replayed before us in all of its weird glory.  🙂

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure in San Pedro!

All in all, it was an awesome date night!  Eat See Hear have nine more dates coming up – each with different movies, bands, and food trucks to check out!  Learn more here!

I received free tickets to this event in exchange for the post.  Any and all reviews posted are based solely on my own experience and may be atypical.  All opinions expressed are completely my own, and I am not influenced by any compensation I receive.  Please practice due diligence in making any related purchase decisions.

Attempted night out with infant – sort of successful :)

Chicken liver and foie gras mousse at Baco Mercat…mmmm…

As many of you fellow foodies know, foie gras will be banned in California on July 1.  Chris and I wanted to enjoy the politically-incorrect delicacy one last time before the ban went into effect, so last night we headed to trendy restaurant Baco Mercat in downtown Los Angeles.  I was already close by that evening with Troy visiting the doctor, so we figured it was the perfect opportunity.

Not quite.  Don’t get me wrong – before 7 pm, Troy is the model well-behaved infant.  His photo should be in the dictionary next to the words “charming” and “sweet.”  But, as his bedtime creeps up, his patience for, well, everything, wears thin.  He didn’t throw a tantrum exactly – he just let us know he was tired and wanted to go home.

Thank goodness the waitstaff got the hint, and we were in and out in about an hour – before Troy could get too fussy.

The food itself was incredible – our baco’s were incredibly good, and the caesar brussels sprouts we shared were ridiculously yummy.

As for the chicken liver and foie gras mousse?  Ohh man.  The word decadent could have been invented for this dish.  Just thinking about it makes me wish it were in front of me right now to enjoy all over again!!!

We will definitely be back – but next time, we’ll get a sitter.  😀

Saturday #22 – Grandparents Come to Visit!

Troy’s eating green beans!!

The nice thing about living close to our in-laws is that they can come by to watch the baby when we need some couple-bonding time.  So this Saturday, Troy got to spend some time with his grandparents!!

It was a pretty big day, because Troy got to try green beans for the first time.  He seemed to enjoy it too – although not immediately.  His first reaction was shock and disgust (it’s a lot different from rice cereal, after all) but the taste gradually grew on him, and he finished most of the jar!

While Troy and his grandparents were enjoying their visit together, Chris and I attended an LA meet-up group for board game players (hooray for!)!  The board games people bring to play are always interesting, and we usually learn a new game each time we attend.  Some of the more interesting games we’ve learned at these meet-ups are “Ticket to Ride” (discussed previously here); “Aquire,” where players found companies and stage hostile takeovers of each others businesses until only a few companies remain; and “Power Grid,” where players must power cities by bidding against each other for various types of power plants.  We had a lot of fun, and met some great people!!

Aquire – an awesome (and competitive) board game!!

Before heading home, we stopped at Hurry Curry for dinner.  Chris introduced me to Japanese curry a few years ago at “Curry House” in Little Tokyo, and it immediately became my favorite Japanese dish, usurping sushi’s place in my heart.  The curry with chicken cutlet at Hurry Curry, however, managed to surpass that experience!  Delicious isn’t a strong enough word to describe it – it was incredible!!

When we got home, we found Suzie rocking Troy to sleep.  It was a very sweet moment, and it reminded me of why it is so important to take advantage of the help others offer you as a parent, and how it benefited not only Chris and I, but Troy as well.

Troy and Suzie  🙂

Disclosure: I am currently affiliated with Google Adsense, Amazon, and Healthy Wage, and this post contains affiliate links.  All opinions expressed are completely my own, and I am not influenced by any compensation I receive.  Honesty is my highest aim.

Mother’s Day Weekend!!

My mom, with Troy and my niece Marissa!

Today is my first Mother’s Day, and this whole weekend has been just wonderful! Chris, Troy and I spent the day yesterday with my big ol’ family: my mom, dad, older sister Melissa, brother-in-law Dan, their kids Cristian and Marissa, my little sister Kim and my other brother-in-law Eli.  We celebrated by enjoying hot links and various salads, and by playing my parents’ favorite board game, Ticket to Ride.  The object of the game is to build tracks along the United States from various destinations, while not getting blocked by other players.  It can get very competitive, especially when more than one player needs a certain track.  🙂

“Ticket To Ride” – a unique and awesome board game!!

Then today, I woke up to breakfast in bed and my present from Chris and Troy, a book on fashion called “Parisian Chic,” which was exactly what I was hoping for!  You see, ever since I began my “French Women Don’t Get Fat” eating plan, I’ve developed an interest in French culture (mostly fashion, food, and wine), and I LOVE the idea behind a lot of french fashion: namely, that less is more. I’ve never been interested in fashion before – in high school and college, my usual ensemble consisted of jeans, t-shirts and sneakers – but as I get older, I’m not as worried that I won’t live up to some silly standard that our culture puts on women, and I’m not afraid of trying to look fashionable (even the sentence sounds silly to me now). One of the pictures from the book is of a haircut that I really want to get.  My hair is currently down to my waist, which would be terrific if I had any time to style it, but since I don’t, I always put it up, and it just looks boring.

Chris’s mom and Troy  🙂

So after church, we had brunch with Chris’s mom, dad, and Aunt Linda in San Pedro at Rex’s Cafe, where I enjoyed a mimosa and green eggs cabrillo – basically, an eggs benedict with spinach and without hollandaise sauce.  It was delicious and light, and the French Woman would have definitely approved.

Affogato… mmm….

Then, Chris, Troy and I drove to Hermosa Beach, where I had an affogato – espresso and gelato – that warmed my heart and melted my face into a ridiculous smile.  We walked along the beach, and found a cute shop where Chris talked me into buying a beach hat with a black bow on the brim. 🙂  We finished our day with dinner at Umami Burger, where I ordered a delicious ahi tuna burger.

Me, Troy, and my awesome hat!

All in all, it was an amazing weekend, and I feel lucky to have such a wonderful family!

Disclosure: I am currently affiliated with Google Adsense, Amazon, and Healthy Wage, and this post contains affiliate links.  All opinions expressed are completely my own, and I am not influenced by any compensation I receive.  Honesty is my highest aim.

Saturday #17: IE Food Truck Fest!!

Troy’s picture from comic book artist Richard Starking!

What an exciting weekend we had!  On Saturday, my husband Chris took Troy to his favorite comic book store, Comic Bug, for Free Comic Book Day!  Once they got inside, there were a few artists hanging around to sign autographs, and Richard Starkings was kind enough to draw Troy a picture from one of his covers!  Chris collects comics, so once Troy is old enough to enjoy them, he’ll have as many as he can read!  

Then on Sunday, we took Troy and Chris’s parents to the IE Food Truck Fest in Ontario!  There were more than 40 food trucks offering all kinds of food, and we ended up trying items from six different places!  We started with crab cakes coated in Capn’ Crunch cereal from Two For The Road and kalua pork tacos from Truck Norris.  Then, we got adventurous and ordered a peanut butter, bacon, cream cheese, and jelly sandwich (to which we added a fried egg upon the recommendation of the owner) at Devilicious.  It was amazing, by the way!  The truck Chris was looking forward to the most was the Ludo Truck, which had the best chicken strips I can ever remember eating.  We finished off by splitting a root beer and orange cream-flavored Italian Ice from Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice and an ice cream sandwich with pumpkin-flavored ice cream from Chunk-n-Chip.  Shockingly, I only gained one pound the next day (possibly due to all the walking we did)!  😀 

Chris and Troy at the IE Food Truck Fest!

And yes, I kicked myself later for not taking pictures of all the food we tried.  C’est la vie!  You’ll just have to visit these trucks to find out how beautiful the food was!  😀