Meet Jamie Gall of Minnesota Girl in LA!

Meet Jamie Gall of Minnesota Girl in LA!

Today I’m happy to interview one of my favorite bloggers!  She writes at Minnesota Girl in LA, and she’s an amazing photographer and all around awesome girl!  🙂  Enjoy!

meet Jamie Gall from Minnesota Girl in LA!!

Name: Jamie Gall

Blog Name and URL: Minnesota Girl in LA

Twitter Name: You can find me @jamiegall1930

Facebook Page:

Instagram: @jamiegall1930

Pinterest: @jamiegall1930


When did you first start blogging and why?

The summer of 2010 I found my passion for writing.  Every day I’d search the writing jobs on craigslist and apply for jobs.  I landed a writing gig for, and I was exploring around LA when I ran across a content manager.  I asked him pretty bluntly, “How he landed his job.”  He told me it was because he had a blog.  He also recommended it was a great place to refer people to when applying for writing jobs because it’s an entire portfolio right there.  After that, I knew I had to start blogging.  It was also right around the same time I had just done a story for GalTime on the OC Blogger Bash.

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

Honestly, I wouldn’t take the learning process away from me.  Part of the fun of blogging is the experience of growing from it.  From laughing at the mistakes we made in the past, and to embracing who we’ve become.

What is your best blogging tip?

I have two:  The first is that the numbers just don’t matter.   Don’t focus on the numbers.  You will get there by consistently writing.  And the second is this:  Don’t be afraid of being who you are.  It is in those stories, in those moments, that people really begin to relate to you.  You have to know who you are when you begin the process of blogging.  Not only for defining your blog and how you want it to grow, but also, to know when to say yes to the opportunities that come your way but also when to say NO when an opportunity just isn’t the right fit for you.

What was the last book you read?

I’m working on a book review right now for “The Happiness Workbook.”  It’s a fun read that allows you to look at yourself more closely.

If you could hop a plane today and go anywhere in the world for a week alone, where would you go?

I’d take a road trip up the PCH.  I’ve never been to Oregon or Washington and it’s been a dream to go there, so that’s where I’d take myself.  Although, the truth is that I wouldn’t mind a week in Napa Valley either 😉

image via Camera Obscurist on Flickr

image via Camera Obscurist on Flickr

What is the best blogging advice you ever received?

Oh gosh.  I’m much better at giving it out.  lol.   But in all honestly.  Just be consistent.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

The biggest risk I ever took was moving from MN to CA to take a chance on love.

If suddenly you woke up and money was no object, what is the first thing you would buy yourself? (Can’t be for someone else.)

In all seriousness I’d pay off all my debt and live the rest of my life debt free, but if money were no object, I’d like to open my own winery.

photo by gruenemann via flicker

photo by gruenemann via flicker


Etsy Party this Friday at Crafted at the Port of LA!!

If you haven’t heard, Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles, a new craft marketplace in the South Bay, is having an Etsy Party on Friday!
etsy craft party at crafted at the port of la!!
There will be fun craft projects to participate in, for adults and for kids, with demos by the artists themselves!!  And along with a wine showcase (which I am quite excited about), there will be plenty of handmade crafts, jewelry, and baked goods to check out – with a live DJ to provide the soundtrack!
And of course, it isn’t a party in Los Angeles without delicious food trucks!  Plus, there will be a raffle where you could win free goodies from one of Crafted’s awesome vendors!
I recently had the opportunity to interview one of the vendors who sells their art at Crafted – Annette Ciketic from The Women’s Findings Project!



Rebecca Rider: Could you tell us a little about what The Women’s Findings Project is all about?
Annette Ciketic: The Women’s Findings Project provides women of diverse ethnic heritage the opportunity to design and produce art pieces; enabling them to discover their creative capabilities and entrepreneurial skills; fostering personal growth that will enrich their lives, contribute to their families and benefit society.   
The project provides opportunities for the participants to make and sell artifacts, design floral centerpieces, and participate in creative and leadership events. 

RR: Wow!  Who are some of the women who benefit from your organization? 

AC:  One current highlight is Irma Ramos, who is currently completing her Fashion Design Degree at El Camino College. She has been granted an internship as site manager at the Women’s Project Market Stall 125.  Her responsibilities include product display, weekly booth management, volunteer coordination, designing and creating new artifacts for sale, and community outreach to her fellow students at El Camino College regarding Crafted. 

RR: I recently bought a gorgeous hair clip from your booth! Where does the money I paid go?

hair clip purchased from the women's findings project
AC: Each woman receives a 60% consignment stipend for her sold items as well as has the opportunity to represent the Women’s Project at the Crafted Market Stall 125.
Also, generous donors have provided materials and supplies to the women as a conscientious effort dedicated to recycling and preserving valuable surplus resources.  


The Women’s Findings Project is just one of the many vendors at Crafted every weekend!  Check out Crafted for yourself at the Etsy Party this Friday night!!

Hope to see you there!!
etsy craft party button