Getting Healthy for the Right Reasons – How Faith Plays an Integral Part

I’ve felt a bit sluggish these last few weeks.  I haven’t posted much on the blog, I’ve fallen behind on housework, and my meals haven’t been very healthy.  In short, I’ve lost my passion.  Maybe you’re there too.  If so, read on:

I wasn’t sure what the cause could be, until I heard an inspiring sermon in church last Sunday.  My pastor talked about living for the glory of God, and then I realized what was wrong.

You see, our culture promotes the toxic idea that the world is full of winners and losers.  For instance, if you are at a healthy weight, then you are a winner.  If you are overweight, then you are in that other category.

We start as teenagers.  We look at magazines filled with beautiful models, and we feel depressed because we aren’t as pretty as they are.  We never consider the fact that these girls, even at the entry-level of the profession, are more beautiful than 99% of the population.  And even their natural beauty isn’t enough – digital editors typically re-touch their photographs to make their beauty literally unattainable.  Expecting that from ourselves is insane.

But instead of rejecting that paradigm, we accept it.  If we are close, but not quite at the “standard,” then we push ourselves to reach the unattainable through eating disorders and plastic surgery.  If we are nowhere near the “standard,” then we don’t bother working hard to be healthy, because if we can’t be as thin and beautiful as society dictates we ought to be, then it seems pointless.

And this isn’t just the case for our weight – it’s holds true for nearly every aspect of our lives.  We set others on pedestals, and then we compare ourselves to them and lament our short comings.  We never consider our raw material or our natural abilities.

It sounds quite depressing.  But there’s another way to see the world – a far superior way.

I believe that God created each one of us to be unique, and that every human life has inherent value, no matter where you lie on the scale.  God wants us to put Him first, instead of obsessing about ourselves and where we lie in comparison to others.  Instead of worrying about our status, God wants us to grow individually as people.

In a nutshell: your only goal should be to become the best version of yourself that you can.  And that only happens when you stop comparing yourself to the “winners” of our society and focus instead on feeding your spirit.  I feed my spirit by submitting to God and his will for my life.  And that submission has given me incredible freedom.

I don’t envy Kim Kardashian’s beauty, because I don’t have to look like her.

But lately, I’ve forgotten that.  I haven’t been communicating with God, and that worldly standard has crept into my brain.  The good news is that I’ve caught it before it gained a foothold.

And I’m going to try to work harder and get healthy – not to meet a standard set by the world, but for God’s glory.