Poetry Day – Limerick for Tillman the Skateboarding Dog!!

I’m going to admit something that’s a little crazy.

Everytime I watch Tillman the Skateboarding Dog, I cry tears of joy!

It started when I was pregnant.  My husband showed me his video on Youtube, and it touched me deeply.  There’s something about his carefree smile and his doggy tongue wagging in the wind while he rides his skateboard!  Maybe I’ve just always had a soft spot for bulldogs.  But for whatever reason, he inspires me! 

Even now, months after I’ve given birth, his video has the ability to put a huge smile on my face and the dream of limitless possibilities in my heart.

It’s a little nuts.  But, I’ll own it.  So here, for Tillman, is a limerick:

Oh Tillman, the bulldog who skates,
Your joy is contagious and great,
From boss skating skills
To surfing waves chill,
You inspire me to take hold of my fate!

If you have never seen Tillman in action (or if you’d like to watch him again), check it out here!

Long Term Plan to Get a Dog

Today, as my husband and I were driving home from the farmers’ market, we passed by Petco and saw that a local animal shelter, Noah’s B’Ark Pet Rescue, was showing some dogs available for adoption.  My husband and I thought it would be fun to watch Troy interact with them, so we stopped and walked around a bit.

Oh, how naive I was. It only took a few minutes for one lovable little bull mix to steal my heart.  Not only was she sweet and calm, but her story about losing her puppies pierced me right in the middle of my mommy heart. I was ready to buy her right then and there. My husband had to talk me down by listing all the reasons we aren’t ready for a pet. I actually cried (I’m blaming hormones for that).

He’s right, of course.  A pet should never be an impulse purchase, especially a dog.  So, I’m making a list of what we need to get, researching which breeds are best with babies and toddlers, and looking for a good book about pet care.

And in the meantime, just because we’re not in the position to adopt her right now doesn’t mean someone else can’t.  I’ll be a little jealous, but that’s okay.  Check her out on the Noah’s B’Ark Pet Rescue Facebook fan page – maybe she’ll steal your heart too.