My house is completely clean for the first time in nine months!!!

Today, I am incredibly proud.

My house is clean.  Completely!

For many people, this wouldn’t be a big accomplishment – but for me, it’s huge.  My house hasn’t been completely clean since we brought my son home from the hospital more than 9 months ago.

Parts of it have been clean at various times, but never all at once.  If my dishes were all washed, then my floors were covered in crumbs and hair.  If my counters and table were wiped down, then my stove was a greasy mess.  Some days, all I could do was make my bed – and even that didn’t happen every day. 

But not today.  Today, the whole house is clean at the same time – and it’s all thanks to “The Boondocks!”  Two days ago, I was watching an episode where the family lets their mooching distant relatives stay with them, and their home goes from clean and neat to a disgusting mess within a few days.  When the episode was over, I took a look at my home, and what I saw shamed me – food crumbs on the floor, grease covering the stove, the sink (and dinner table) piled high with dishes – you name it, I saw it.

Then, my pride kicked in, and the mess didn’t stand a chance!  I spent the whole next day cleaning everything – I even got my husband to take Troy out for a bit so I could vacuum (the vacuum is Troy’s nemesis) and now, walking through my home, I feel energized!

I didn’t take any “before” pictures – I have enough courage to describe the way my home looked, but not enough to provide visual evidence.  But here’s the after!

It's been so long since my house was clean!!

Have you ever felt so fed up a situation that you had to do something about it?