Getting Inspiration for small space living from Tiny Homes!

There’s something incredibly fascinating about tiny homes.  How do one or two people – or sometimes six! – fit all of their stuff into 300 square feet?  Where do you eat?  How do you sleep in a loft when your head is three feet from the ceiling?  Where do your kids go?  Do they fit in compartments under the couch?  How do you ever have friends over?

Tiny house and pine tree.

photo courtesy of Tammy Strobel on Flickr

Different people are drawn to tiny homes for different reasons – crunchy types like how environmentally friendly they are, while the budget-conscious are more impressed by the low sticker price.

Most of us would never want to live in a space smaller than 300 square feet (especially if you have kids, hello!) but if you live in an urban area and/or occupy a home smaller than average – which is a whopping 2600 square feet – then tiny homes are a terrific place to find inspiration for decor and organization!


photo courtesy of Tammy Strobel on Flickr

We live in Los Angeles and our home is 1100 square feet, which fits the four of us snugly, but comfortably. That’s why I love finding space-saving solutions in articles about tiny homes!

Don’t have space for an office in your home? You can transform your closet into a “cloffice”! It can be as easy as taking the doors off your spare closet, sticking a desk inside, and getting some inexpensive organizational items from your favorite store!

Today I am also thankful that we have finished our “cloffice”! #part2

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The best thing about living in a smaller space is that it forces us to declutter. You can’t accumulate a ton of junk in your house if you don’t have room for it!

One of the best websites on the Internet for housekeeping advice is, and they recommend something called the 27-fling boogie, where you take a garbage bag and walk through your home, finding 27 items to throw away. If you do that everyday, you’ll get rid of all your clutter!

Could you ever see yourself living in a tiny home?

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