Knott’s Berry Farm Season Passes Are the Best Deal for Families!

I love Knott’s Berry Farm – it’s the best deal for families!  Knott’s is a great place to take your kids where you get a LOT of bang for your buck!  And with a season pass, you can visit the park multiple times each year and enjoy rides, performances, concerts, ice shows, and exciting activities with every visit!

It seems like every season Knott’s comes up with new, fun attractions for the family to enjoy – and you can be there for all of them!  We’ve been able to visit Knott’s multiple times in the past two years, and we’ve had a blast celebrating each season with Snoopy and his friends at the park!


Aw, Snoopy’s here to say hi! #campspooky

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My passion is to give my readers tips to save money and live a frugal lifestyle, while also helping families make good decisions to live within their means – and that’s why I love Knott’s Season Passes!  When you are keeping a budget and watching your money, there is no better deal to get than a season pass!

Think about it – with Knott’s Season Pass Easy Pay Payments, you can take your kids to Knott’s Berry Farm all year long for just nine easy payments of $8.50!  If you only go twice all year, you’ve already saved money – but why only go twice when you can go whenever you want to!

And when you have the freedom to come and go within the park at any time of day, any day of the year, it’s a lot easier to enjoy yourself!  There is so much to do at Knott’s – you shouldn’t feel pressured to pack it all into one day.  With a season pass, you have time to enjoy everything the park has to offer!

Plus, when you buy a pass for 2015 now, you’ll get one visit in 2014 free!  It’s an amazing deal – and Knott’s is an amazing theme park!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by GigaSavvy.

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