Completing a Whole30 while Breastfeeding a Newborn

I’ve completed a Whole30 while breastfeeding my newborn!  Chris and I started it together a month ago, and yesterday, we made it through to the end!

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You can learn everything about Whole30 here, but in a nutshell, you cut all processed foods, sweeteners, grains, and dairy products from your diet for 30 days.

Starting my Whole30 a month after giving birth to my daughter actually worked in my favor in many ways.

Giving in to one of my strongest temptations, the fast-food drive-through, would have meant wrangling my toddler and newborn into the car, and if we didn’t stop at a park on the way home, my son would have had a meltdown.  With my daughter still a few weeks from getting her vaccinations, I would have had to be extremely careful with her outside, especially around other germ factories kids.  Needless to say, it would have been way more trouble than it was worth.

One of the best things we did was to throw out all our non-compliant food.  That helped tremendously, because I never had to think about whether something I wanted to eat was okay or not – if I could see it, I could eat it.  And because a full night’s sleep isn’t in the cards right now, my brain can only work so hard, and all of my effort has to be focused on keeping these crazy children out of trouble.

Because I’m nursing, I wondered whether my milk production would be affected.  It was – I actually noticed it increase!  I figured this was because I was able to eat as much food as I wanted as long as it was compliant – which meant snacking on several handfuls of almonds, bananas, dates, and hard-boiled organic eggs throughout the day, on top of the regular meals I was eating, and it left me very satisfied.

Surprisingly, I didn’t have many cravings for non-compliant foods.  I thought it would be impossible for me to drink coffee without aspartame, but after a week, I didn’t miss it anymore.  The three things I missed the most were milk, bacon cheeseburgers, and weighing myself on the bathroom scale.  And the last one was BY FAR the hardest part of the diet to comply with.  I had never realized what a slave I had become to that number – which is almost irrelevant to your health.

So how did it work out?

Well, besides my increased milk production, I lost 12 pounds and 5 1/2 inches around my waist!  But more importantly, my insomnia is gone, which means that I’m not stuck trying to fall asleep for an hour after waking up to feed my daughter at 2 a.m.  As soon as she has fallen back asleep, I can fall asleep too.

I would recommend a Whole30 for anyone who wants to get healthier!  If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult your doctor first – and if he or she gives you the OK, then throw yourself into it!  You will be very glad you did!

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6 thoughts on “Completing a Whole30 while Breastfeeding a Newborn

  1. Jordi

    I was contemplating starting the Whole30 program while nursing my almost 8 month old… and now I’m sure I will start it – insomnia is the worst after those night feeds! I didn’t think that could improve with diet so I’m going all in. Thanks for your post!

  2. Karyn

    I know this is an old post but… old was your newborn when you did this? I’m thinking about doing one when mine will be just shy of two months old….but don’t want to mess up my milk supply or set myself up for failure! I did do a Whole30 before but it was a few years ago.

    1. Rebecca Post author

      I did it as soon as we got home from the hospital. I can’t speak for everyone, but the key for me keeping my milk supply up was to eat lots of bananas, sweet potatoes, and basically to not restrict my calorie intake at all. I’d talk to your doctor before starting, and maybe your pediatrician too.

  3. Elissa

    I’ve heard that toxins will be released into the breastmilk when doing something as detoxing as the Whole30. Did you see any negative effects on your baby? How were the detox symptoms for you?

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