Why Should we Eat Natural Foods? Find out in Geoff Bond’s Bestselling “Deadly Harvest” – and Win a Copy!

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Why should we eat natural foods?  It seems everyone has an answer to the question “what should we eat?”, but few people can explain why using scientific evidence.  Wouldn’t it be terrific if someone who studied nutritional anthropology could explain with scientific evidence exactly why eating natural, unprocessed foods is so important for our health and well being?  Well, I have good news – someone has!

Why Should we Eat Natural Foods? Win a Copy of Deadly Harvest by Geoff Bonds!

That’s why I love Geoff Bonds’s bestselling book Deadly Harvest, and why I’m giving away a copy today on my blog!  This book has been recommended by many doctors, and explains with scientific evidence and in clear detail how we humans have moved away from our naturally adapted environments, feeding patterns, and lifestyles over the last few millennia, and what the health consequences of that move have been.  It also explains how we should be feeding ourselves today to ensure good health!

If you eat natural foods and you want to be able to explain to your loved ones why eating naturally is important for health, then you need to read this book!  Deadly Harvest is both educational and practical – and it’s a must read if you want to eat healthfully!

Natural Products Expo West is just around the corner, from March 6-9 in Anaheim, CA!  If you want to be prepared, then make sure you read Bonds’s book!  You can win a copy below!

To win a free copy of Deadly Harvest, leave a comment with one reason you would like to read this book!

Disclosure: Winner will be chosen through random.org.  I was furnished a free copy of the book to review.  All opinions are my own.  I only review products I use and love! 

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15 thoughts on “Why Should we Eat Natural Foods? Find out in Geoff Bond’s Bestselling “Deadly Harvest” – and Win a Copy!

  1. Lyndi Malarchuk

    My husband and I are trying to adopt a more “real” food diet, as opposed to the easy-prep fake food we’ve become accustomed to. This would provide some great info for us.

  2. deana c

    I would like to read this book because this is the way I have been trying to eat this year as I do not want to consume all of those preservatives and chemicals.

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