Giveaway – Save Money and Eat Well with 3 Months of eMeals!!!

This giveaway has expired.  Congratulations to the winner!

I am so excited to offer you a chance to win 3 free months of eMeals!!!

What is eMeals, you ask?  Well, it’s a brilliant way to save money while eating well!  Here’s how we got hooked:

When Chris and I started paying attention to our budget, the first thing we noticed was that we spend a ton of money on food!

This is because we are totally unorganized with our grocery budget, which leads to us both wasting food and eating out too much.  We regularly buy food we never use that goes bad, while at the same time needing things later in the week that we didn’t think to buy.

It’s a mess.  So I’ve been looking for ways to get our food spending to a reasonable level, without feeling like we’re missing out.  I don’t want to eat the same six dishes every week (even tacos get boring eventually), but I don’t have time to spend finding interesting and healthy recipes and organizing their ingredients into grocery lists either.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sign up with a service that would do all of that for you?

You could tell them your meal plan preference (they could have ten to choose from; like classic, low carb, or vegetarian), and they could send you seven different recipes each week that would be easy to make and incredibly delicious!  They could even organize all of the ingredients for you into a comprehensive grocery list!

Well, that company totally exists!!!  It’s called eMeals, and it’s brilliant!  Chris and I have been using the paleo meal plan for two weeks now, and we love it!

Here are some pictures of meals that I made this week using their delicious recipes!

Try eMeals Paleo!

You too can save money and time while eating delicious food!!  Enter the giveaway to win 3 months of eMeals for free!!

To enter, just leave a comment answering this question: If you win the 3 free months of eMeals, which meal plan would you like to try?

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Disclosure:  I am a member of the eMeals blogger network, and this post contains affiliate links.  All opinions expressed are completely my own, and I am not influenced by any compensation I receive.  Honesty is my highest aim.

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25 thoughts on “Giveaway – Save Money and Eat Well with 3 Months of eMeals!!!

  1. Anna

    I cleaned out all my cabinets and fridge to switch to a Clean Eating lifestyle about 6 months ago… What a difference it would make for my life with my husband in residency and myself being busy with work & motherhood!

  2. Brian W.

    With my wife starting a new job with longer hours and a longer commute, the reality of me being the meal planner & chef more often has set in. eMeals looks like the perfect solution for us while helping us keep a better control on our grocery/dining budget. I would be so grateful to receive a free 3 month subscription should I be chosen. We would start with the low carb to help shed a couple of the extra pounds we have accumulated from eating out so much during our move, then switch over to the Paleo meal plan in due time.

  3. Brian W.

    After reading this post I decided to do more research on eMeals. I happened to stumble across a special on Groupon for eMeals right now. There are 3 choices to choose from:
    $29 for 12 months of weekly online dinner plans (a $58 value)
    $39 for 12 months of weekly online lunch and dinner plans (a $106 value)
    $49 for 12 months of weekly online breakfast, lunch, and dinner plans (a $142 value)

    Just thought I would share.

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