NurturMe Dried Organic Baby Food!!

nurturme dried organic baby food

I love making Troy baby food from scratch!  But I still need some ready-to-eat baby food on hand for those “mommy needs a break” days!  Troy’s health is very important to me, so whatever brand I buy needs to be organic and nutritious, and it has to store well because he doesn’t eat it that often.

So I was excited when I was invited to review a sample pack of NurturMe dried organic baby food!  Each pouch contains as much food as one 2.5 ounce jar, and the drying process preserves more nutrients!  Also, each unopened pouch can be used up to 24 months after the manufactured date, which gives me plenty of time to use it!

nurturme dried organic baby food hearty sweet potatoes

My sample pack came with six flavors to try: crisp apples, crunchy carrots, hearty sweet potatoes, sweet bananas, plump peas, and scrumptious squash!  The packs can be eaten at all four stages of nutrition – from infancy to toddlerhood.  Troy is between stage one and two, so I prepared each pouch by combining it with a few tablespoons of formula (you can also use breast milk or water).  It looked really tasty – and Troy thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Troy enjoying his sweet potatoes!

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