Our baby’s nighttime routine

Our favorite book to read at bedtime!

Troy is almost six months old, and has left his newborn stage far behind.  We’ve learned from Heidi Murkoff, the author of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” that as newborns get older, it becomes increasingly important to establish a routine at bedtime. By consistently performing the same activities before we put him to bed, we’re teaching him to associate those activities with sleep.  It’s been working well for us – Troy is sleeping through the night, and is learning how to fall asleep on his own.  Here’s what we do every night:

1. Give him a bath.

The warm water relaxes him, and lets him know the “going to bed” process has begun.

2. Put him in a sleeper and a Sleep Sack.

He’s a little too old to be swaddled now, so the sleep sack is a great way to keep him warm without the risk that loose blankets provide.

3. Read him two books. 

This is so he will have time to get completely relaxed, and because I can’t read him just one!  Our favorite book right now is “Owly and Wormy – Friends all Aflutter!” It’s actually a comic book for pre-readers, and so instead of reading words, I tell him what is happening in each picture.  The story is, well, just wonderful.  I actually cried the first few times I read it to him.

4. Sing him a song.

Yes, it’s a little corny, but this gets him incredibly calm.

5. Turn on his white noise machine, which will soothe him to sleep.

We use the Cloud b Sleep Sheep – Four Soothing Sounds From Nature, which Troy loves!

What do you do for your child’s sleep routine?

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8 thoughts on “Our baby’s nighttime routine

  1. Jennifer Castro

    Sweet, sweet moment. I miss the sleep sack age. I just wrote about this last week! (The “Why I get nothing done at night” post) This is how it all started for me too. If you love the reading part like I do, it can get a bit out of hand! (but I love it and wouldn’t change it!!!)

  2. Lucy McCracken

    The title of the book has me so curious to read it. It looks very cute. I loved reading your nighttime routine with your little one. I normally will brush my foster daughter,s hair then I read a book to both kids, say our prayers and hug and kiss them goodnight. It’s my favorite time of the day. 🙂

  3. Jo Keeler

    I’m newly pregnant with my first so all of this is new to me but I’m taking time out to learn. It’s little things like bed time routines that people tend to take for granted but are a necessity if we plan on having consistency throughout our baby’s first stages.

    I love the idea of the white noise machine. I was thinking of a sound machine but with rain and nature sounds, which I find incredible relaxing.

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